A Virtual Hug

A week.....and often a day.... doesn't go by during the summer that someone in the shop doesn't comment they wish LUCKY HILL was in their hometown.  Our business model is not one that includes additional shops so that was never an option.  Similarly, after much thought and research we decided not to pick up the shop and move it to a new location.  Ultimately, the answer was right in front of us....on our computers.

I couldn't live without my computer and access to the Internet, but balked at the thought of creating an e-commerce site for LUCKY HILL.  The hesitation was due to numerous issues, mostly the  concern that the heart and soul of the shop wouldn't come through online.  Our web site will never replace our little brick and mortar shop, but it will hopefully add a new dimension to what we've created.

It's impossible for us to infuse the web site with the fragrance that greets you when you walk through the door.  You probably won't be able to sense the beautiful sunlight that streams through the front window in the afternoon.  Sadly, there's no way to greet you with a "Hello!  How are you today" upon entering.  You definitely won't be able to hear the bursts of laughter and cheerful chatter that has become the norm.  What we can do, however, is try to bring you some of the stunning product lines you've come to know and love and keep you connected to what we're up to throughout the year.

For anyone who has been in the shop you probably know I'm a hugger.  It's not unusual for someone to get a hug upon leaving the shop on their first visit.  I never want to lose that personal connection with our customers who very often become dear friends.  So, until you can visit our shop in person, consider this a big virtual hug!   

Big Hugs and Bigger Thanks for Visiting,