Our Story

Kristin Blanck and her husband, Dan Graziano, opened LUCKY HILL in July 2012.  Over a decade earlier, they had sold their award-winning shop, Grandiflora, in West Chester, Pennsylvania to pursue new opportunities on the West Coast.  When their careers in fashion design and urban planning shifted to painting and fine art, they envisioned a hybrid that was a blend of retail shop and art gallery.

The aesthetic of the shop is a sophisticated yet casual mix that is warmly inviting and never pretentious.  They subscribe to the philosophy that retail should be experiential and engaging as well as providing a refuge from the craziness of daily life.  There is no greater compliment than to have a customer ask if they can just move in and live in the shop as it has become their "happy place."

They are dedicated to bringing exceptional and unique product lines that offer beautiful packaging coupled with outstanding quality to their customers.  Many of the lines they stock are from artisans, young entrepreneurs, or small family owned businesses.  As a married couple pursuing their own dream, they're committed to supporting and promoting other small businesses in realizing their vision.